Regular local digital marketing themed events to level up your knowledge and your network.

Regular local digital marketing themed events to level up your knowledge and your network.

You can bring Gravity™ to your City ?

What you can expect at a Gravity™ meetup.

All our events are pretty laid back. Expect a great bar, focused themes and panel conversations with Q​&A.

We want to connect and build community with people who share our passion for digital marketing, whether it’s business owners or those tasked with promoting businesses of any kind.  In bimonthly, in-person events, we’ll try to demystify the key aspects of digital marketing, following up with articles and videos to deepen this knowledge over the ensuing two months. Our events are a seriously casual affair, where the socialising is just as important as the topic. 

Local Expert Hosts

Events are run by local independent experts running diverse practises,  hand picked by people who know their onions. They are joined by a range of specialists on occasion when we need to add depth.

Great Networking

We do business with people we know, like and trust.  A good fit matters so whether you just want to bounce ideas off someone, look for a job, partner, supplier or a new client come along and meet people.

Fresh Opportunity

The best luck is the luck you make.  Our events are designed to extend your network and extend your focused knowledge.  The more you know the more effective you are and the more opportunity will find you.

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Introducing the Aberdeen Gravity meetups team.

Every event is hosted by team of local independent digital marketing professionals.  
Each brings unique insight, experience and perspective.

Yva Yorston

Yva began her entrepreneurial journey at 22, as a virtual assistant. After 6 years, she launched Content Boost, specialising in content strategy and blog management for small businesses. She has been shortlisted in the Elevator Awards, was named in Aberdeen’s 40 Under 40 and has spoken at events such as North East Business Week and CMA Live.

Bob Gentle

Bob is the founder of Gravity digital marketing & internet business meet ups. He's worked in the web and digital marketing for nearly twenty years helping business across the UK, middle and far east as well as the U.S. He runs a successful digital marketing practise serving hand picked clients with structured technical and creative digital marketing support. Bob also works with DM practitioners to help them better serve their own clients and build stronger businesses as well as hosting the Gravity Podcast.

Yekemi has 13 years of experience in petroleum engineering, technical sales and strategic marketing. She is a Certified Digital Marketer and a bestselling author on social networks in business. In 2016, she launched YO! Marketing to support technical sectors such as IT, Engineering and Oil & Gas.

We're bringing Gravity to your city and we need your help.

Let us know how stoked you are to bring Gravity events to your region.  Drop us an email, reach out on social or use the live chat at the bottom of the screen.  The more interest we have in a region, the faster we'll prioritise it. If you want to get involved in hosting your own local pod then visit this page and get in touch.

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